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The graphical representation or "look and feel" of a website is essential to visitor retention and conversion. Not only does it reflect the professionalism and image of the company but also reinforces the corporate marketing message and brand. A study by e-Marketer indicates that website credibility is determined primarily by the quality of the graphic presentation followed by Information Architecture.

Visual impact is critical to successful online marketing campaign. The Andromeda Technology Solustions team specializes in achieving high-impact online presentations of the corporate image and brand. The website graphic design is developed to appeal and engage the target demographic audience.

ATS's Web Design Process

Our years of experience in the industry have shown that an effective, profitable internet solution is the result of careful planning, informed development, and ongoing support. Our internet solution lifecycle approach has produced hundreds of successful internet solutions for businesses of all sizes.

01 Analysis and Planning

The first phase of the internet solution lifecycle is the business analysis. During this step, ATS uncovers how a potential client's business can best benefit from internet technologies. From there, the Andromeda Technology Solustions team works closely with clients to uncover what type of digital footprint works best to fit all their business growth needs. Both teams work together to see what services and technologies are most beneficially suited for making a digital and marketing impact.

02 Functional Design

The next phase comes after discovering what types of services are needed. The managing partner and the project leader map out a detailed plan and schedule to ensure that everything is done to client's satisfaction on time and within budget. The managing partner and project leader also discuss on a high level how the site will perform, behave and if any additional technological features will be needed to complete the client's vision for their website.

03 Graphic Design

In this phase, the structure, look, and feel of the website will be defined. There are many factors that make the difference between a successful website and one that drives visitor’s away. Complex, flashy layouts may look great but are impractical if it frustrates visitors. Andromeda Technology Solustions understands the importance of a balanced, strategic website design and know how to achieve it. Special care will be taken to ensure that elements, colors, and graphics work together across multiple platforms to provide an enjoyably functional visitor experience while projecting a professional image.

04 Build and Program

The next phase on the internet solution lifecycle involves uniting everything together. For websites, this includes merging the content and graphical design into a Content Management System of the client's choice. For custom applications, this step combines the Andromeda Technology Solustions developer’s skills with the industry’s most cutting edge tools and platforms to create and program the application from scratch.  ATS developers are proficient in multiple programming platforms and will use their expertise to create a functional, user-friendly application environment.

05 Test

In this phase, the team will make sure the website/application is thoroughly tested for optimal quality assurance. The Andromeda Technology Solustions business analyst compares web and application requirements  with the initial draft of the site and works closely with the developer to ensure the finished product meets client expectations. The business analyst also goes thru and adds any additional features that might be needed as well as editorially reviewing content before going live.

06 Launch/Go-Live

This phase of the lifecycle finds the team launching the finished product once clients'send their final satisfactory approval. The website migrates from a developmental stage to production. The Andromeda Technology Solustions team makes sure the newly launched site is secured while updating the DNS with all major search engines so traffic can immediately be directed to the website. Results can usually be seen within 24 hours of going live. The team also performs additional tests after the launch to guarantee the website continues to meet user expectations.

07 Promote (SEO/SEM)

The next phase occurs once your website is live and search engine registered. Andromeda Technology Solustions works with clients to help promote their new website/application thru Search Engine Optimization and/or Search Engine Marketing. Andromeda Technology Solustions's highly experienced SEO Specialist is involved in making sure clients' SEO efforts stay relevant to the latest search engines algorithms while obtaining long-term results.The SEO Specialist designs and executes traditional SEO campaigns with a focus on SEO Best Practices (White-Hat SEO), high quality content and the proper implementation of inbound linking strategies.

08 Manage Results

The final step takes place a few months after the initial launch. Here both the client and the Andromeda Technology Solustions team meet to go over web traffic, search positioning, and additional marketing recommendations. The two parties continue to meet on an ongoing basis reviewing how well the site is doing in addition to providing feedback on how best to obtain any long-term goals clients might have for their website/application.

Website Marketing Services

Online search is the most widely used method of attracting qualified visitors to a web site. According to Jupiter Research, 82% of online shoppers know exactly what they want when they log onto the Internet and almost half of them use search engines to find solutions and vendors. With research confirming that the vast majority of searches end within the first two pages of results, prominent placement on the Internet's major search engines through effective search engine optimization is of critical importance.

Our search engine optimization consultants are experienced at implementing and deploying various Search Engine Marketing (SEM) components to effectively market the site for relevant and productive keywords and phrases. The expert deployment of the SEM plan translates into top search engine visibility, increased sales and positive online ROI. Andromeda Technology Solustions’s search engine marketing components and services include:

Successful Online Solutions by Design

Naperville Web Design Company, Andromeda Technology Solustions’s successful track-record is based on a solid understanding of our client’s business needs and working with them to achieve a comprehensive solution that delivers business results.

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