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Building targeted traffic to your business' website is important to ensure that your online presence is effective and profitable. We all know that building targeted traffic to your site takes work, and many businesses use proven Internet marketing techniques such as Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to ensure that their potential customers are finding their site over their competitors. Investing in Internet marketing to build a client base is a wise decision, but it does require effort and a financial investment. As a small to medium sized business (SME), you’ll want to ensure your investment is used wisely and that it delivers a positive Return On Investment (ROI).

A New Customer is 8 Times More Expensive than Retaining an Existing One.

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Now What?

Now that you’ve attracted visitors to your website and converted a percentage of them into customers, you’ll want to be sure you retain them. You now have an opportunity to continue to market to them on the ongoing basis. Building a solid relationship with a customer can mean repeat business, and if they are satisfied, they are also likely to become a referral source. If you've already gone through the effort and expense of establishing a customer base through your business' website, you want to encourage these customers to return to your site and do business with your company again.  

Why Would Visitors Want to Return to My Website?

The biggest question you need to ask yourself is "why would visitors want to return to my site?" Once they've seen your website, its features and content and have learned about your business, what reason can you give them to visit you online again? What's on your site that your customers want? Too many businesses treat their website like a static brochure and don't update it on a regular basis. These businesses are missing out on a great opportunity to properly market themselves to existing customers and returning visitors. The beauty of a well-designed business website is that it is dynamic and can be updated easily. If your site never changes and doesn't have features that interest your customers, they won't see any need to return to it.

Change is Good

If you haven't changed your website content recently, it's probably time to do so. Visitors don't want to return to your site to see the exactly the same content, so do some research on what your customers and prospects want from your website, and do your best to give it to them! If they want more information from your site, you could give it to them in the form of industry-related articles and white papers that you refresh regularly. If they come to know you as an expert in your field, they are more likely to return to your site for information or when they have a need for your products or expertise. If they want promotions and discounts, offer some that are only valid for website visitors. As repeat visitors, let them know that they are valued and important. By updating your promotions and discounts monthly, you give visitors a reason to return to your site to see what's new. If they would like to read testimonials from existing clients (which they most likely do), be sure to update your testimonial section often. Testimonials lend you credibility in your local market, so be sure to collect testimonials from your customers and add them to your website in a timely fashion. Encourage your existing customers to return to your site to see their names showcased there.

Change Should Be Easy

Your website should be equipped with an easy to use content management system (CRM). By having the flexibility to update your own content in a simple and non technical manner your marketing department is able to keep the website fresh and up to date without relying on a developer or other technical resources. This flexibility enables them to use the internet as a powerful marketing channel for your products and services as well as an effective prospecting and customer management tool.

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How Will They Know the Website has Been Updated?

You can't just expect your customers to keep your website at the top of their minds and return often. You have to be proactive by informing them of news and changes to your site, and encourage them to return to the site to benefit from the changes. The easiest and most manageable way to do this is through a targeted email marketing campaign. Email marketing is a logical choice for small to medium- sized businesses to promote their services and encourage repeat traffic to their websites. It has been shown to earn the highest return on investment (ROI) over search engine marketing and direct mail, and it offers lower costs and a broader reach than most other marketing formats. An effective email marketing campaign informs your customers of new developments and keeps your business on the forefront of their minds. Let them know when you've added new articles or testimonials to your site, inform them of new promotions or products, and encourage them to visit your site again.

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