Selecting a Web Design Firm

Selecting a web design firm for creating  and deploying a successful internet marketing strategy can be overwhelming.  Here are a few important items to consider when facing this decision:

Find a Company w/ “Internet Marketing” Experience

A good looking website is important, but for online marketing success, businesses must rely on integrated Internet Marketing Strategies.  Internet Marketing refers to the tools and processes involved in attracting and engaging online prospects and converting them into clients. When selecting a partner for your online marketing project keep the following in mind:

  • The website should be optimized to command large number of qualified visitors from major search engines.  Your corporate website should be easy to find for appropriate key-phrases in search engines like Google and Yahoo.
  • A great looking website is very important. The graphic design (look & feel) of the website is the most critical component in making a favorable first impression.  The design, colors, balance, etc. should appeal to the target audience your business caters to. It should convey your brand and marketing message concisely and accurately.
  • The website should be organized and engineered for ‘converting’ visitors into customers.  Or, at a minimum, interested prospects.  Strategically placed ‘calls to action’ must compel visitors to act and take action.  A high-performing ‘conversion strategy’ will ensure your website delivers quantifiable business results.
  • Ensure your campaign includes mechanisms to automatically follow-up with past visitors and systematically remind them of your services, products, offerings, etc. Permission Marketing Techniques should be deployed to deliver value and information to clients and prospects on a regular basis.
  • In summary, partner with a firm specializing in Internet Marketing (not just web design).

Find a Local Company You Can Trust & Rely On

Look for a local internet marketing firm (not just web design) to partner with.  The company you select will become a critical part of your marketing efforts.  Make sure they are willing to provide your business with the care, attention and support you will need moving forward.  It’s a good idea to meet and interview the project manager that will be in charge of your project.  Also, the account manager you will work with moving forward should be knowledgeable, professional and a true advocate of your online marketing efforts.  This person should be considered a part of your marketing department.  Remember, your account manager will be in charge of creating and deploying your internet marketing strategy (not just the initial website).

Website Management Tools are Important

Make sure your site includes a non-proprietary easy to use Content Management System (CMS). Your website should accurately reflect your business and current marketing strategy.  As the business evolves the content of your website should change to support the marketing efforts.  A Content Management System (CMS) enables your marketing staff to make real-time changes to the website without having to rely on technical resources.

It is also important to select a firm that utilizes a non-proprietary CMS.  This enables your company to ‘own’ your website.  Should you decide to change web design firms in the future, a non-proprietary CMS enables your company to hire someone else to support the baseline technology your site is built on.


Selecting the right Internet Marketing partner for your web-redesign project is critical.  Your business’ online marketing success depends on the decisions you make now.  It’s a good idea to contact and interview several firms and request detailed proposals from at least 3 companies.  Take the time to review and evaluate the recommendations, map-out the different project phases and ask for references to speak with.

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