Marketing in a Recession

In these times of constant technological advances, internet marketing via your website makes a lot of sense. It also makes a whole lot of cents.

What was once thought of as a secondary form of advertising, e-marketing has quickly become an affordable and effective method of reaching a target market. Becoming ‘e-fficient’ not only simplifies market exposure, but also helps to cut labor and supply costs.
Consider this: To distribute a simple seminar flyer, it takes paper, printing and postage, not to mention the time it takes to design the printout and stuff envelopes.  So why go through all that trouble when internet marketing can reach a larger audience at a fraction of the cost?

The Savings May Be More Than You Expect.

An article published by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants states that roughly $1,400 can be saved, per 1,000 flyers, simply by using a paperless process.
Lynn Wolf, director of marketing for Wipfli CPA and Consultants, said in the article that its e-newsletter program saves the firm “more than $13,000 annually.”

It hardly seems fair that it actually costs less to advertise to a more refined market, but that’s just the case. Beau Vignes, an internet marketing professional, said the ability to advertise on the internet has certainly helped even the playing field for smaller companies – all while managing to save money.
“All Internet advertising can be targeted to reach a group with a certain interest,” Vignes blogged on his Web site,  “Specific targeting alone saves tons of cash on your marketing budget. Also, using a content network such as Yahoo or Google, any business can advertise in the same space as large competitors even with a much more limited budget.”

This isn’t to say that traditional forms of marketing have become inept. The yellow pages are certainly still used, and Super Bowl commercial air-time is still a hot commodity. Of course, there are also still plenty of billboards that cater to the thousands of people stuck in rush-hour every day.

But as the experts have stated above, it’s growing increasingly clear that consumers are using the internet much more often to gather information and make decisions. And as flashy as those billboards can be along the highway, they are, in all reality, not doing much to help direct web traffic to your company’s site.

That’s where key solutions, including pay per click campaigns and search engine optimization, make a world of difference.  For more information on web traffic generation strategies visit

These strategies, which iGenMedia Web Design implements and executes with its clients, are critical to the success of your internet marketing campaign. It continues to grow in popularity -- from 2002-06, SEM grew by an astounding 750 percent, according to the State of Search Engine Marketing. In fact, Emarketer Daily recently estimated that despite the recent economic struggles, search ad spending will rise steadily from $10.7 billion in 2008 to nearly $20 billion by 2013.

Essentially, if you’re going to invest with an already-shrinking ad budget, the path growing in popularity and necessity is heading the way of the internet. After all, doesn’t it seem smarter to advertise to the most people at the lowest expense?

Many people think so, and it’s really starting to make a lot of cents for a growing number of business owners. 

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