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Microsites are becoming a hot topic as agencies are finding that niche marketing really pays off on the web.  Chris Anderson, editor of Wired magazine and author of the best seller, The Long Tail, describes how the web has enabled businesses with a well defined niche to reach their target audience and become wildly successful.  In the past, a niche market meant few sales when marketing via traditional methods.  It was difficult to get the message to the right target market.  Now, with the help of search engines, niche market products and services are succeeding and reaping incredible profits.

What is a Microsite?

A Microsite is a mini website, separate from an organization's primary corporate website with a very specific and well defined focus or theme.  The theme may be a specific message, marketing campaign, product or service targeted to a well defined audience. Most of the time, the Microsite resides on its own domain name supporting the overall theme for the Microsite.

Most Microsites are created for one or more of the following reasons:

  •     Serve as a destination for a specific marketing campaign
  •     Provide focused, relevant content about a specific topic, product or service
  •     Search Engine Optimization focused on site's niche audience
  •     Build individual brand identities and awareness for companies with multiple brands
  •     Niche market targeted lead generation
  •     Improving Pay-Per-Click ad positioning by increasing the site's relevancy score

Microsite SEO and Visitor Conversion

Microsites are very effective (when built properly) in generating targeted traffic from search engines and because of their focus and simplicity they also convert at a higher rate than corporate websites. Typical conversions for a Microsite include: a warm lead produced via a phone call, an online form, an option for visitors to join an emailing list as well as several other call to action options.

Who is Building Microsites?

Companies that want to build individual brands or position their products for different audiences are building targeted Microsites.  For example, Nike has multiple Microsites focused on showcasing their shoes for specific sports such as running, basketball, soccer, etc.  Audi and other automakers create Microsites to showcase their different car models individually for their specific audiences.  These are large brand examples but Microsites are also built for small and medium companies to showcase their brands.  The most important aspect for building a Microsite is having a well defined niche audience that will benefit from the targeted message.

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