Which CMS is for You?

If you are planning to design a website for your company, organization or just for personal consumption, you might be wondering which content management system is the best to use. There's no one-size-fits-all solution. It depends on factors including personal taste, customizability of the platform, features offered, and its impact on SEO.

Whether you're using the website for marketing purposes, as a portfolio, or a repository, it's important to know whether the platform you are using can deliver on your business goals and can provide an engaging website experience. To help you with your choices, we’ve included a comparison of three of the most popular content management systems being used by businesses like yours on the internet – WordPress, Joomla!!, and Drupal. They are all open-source projects, which means that they are developed, maintained, and continuously being improved by a community of thousands.


WordPress started as an innovative and user-friendly blogging platform. Because its collection of themes, plug-ins, and widgets are constantly increasing, this content management system is also widely used for other website formats aside from blogs.

It is a simple and easy-to-learn platform, so technical experience is not necessary to use it. You can set up a simple site in just a few minutes with the help of a lot of great tutorials online. It’s also powerful enough for developers and designers alike to build websites for their clients, and with just a few instructions, the clients can take over the management of the website.

WordPress has an extensive and wide selection of themes so you can modify the appearance of your site according to the topic or category of your website.

Why choose this platform: WordPress is ideal for blogging sites. It was the first content management system designed specifically for blogging. It has a simple page layout unless you customize it. So if you are a writer (or someone who just loves to write) wanting to share your stories and other compositions, WordPress is a great option for you.


Drupal is a powerful and developer-friendly platform for creating and maintaining complex sites. Because it has a more complicated structure compared to the previously mentioned content management systems, it requires some expertise and experience to operate.

Its ability to perform functions that Joomla! and WordPress aren’t capable of  make it an excellent option for producing the most advanced sites like those that require complex data organization, community sites with multiple users, and e-commerce sites (online stores). If you don’t have the patience to learn the system or you can’t find someone who knows it well, it might not be the best choice for you.
Why choose this platform: Investing your time in learning Drupal can be very hard but it’s worth the challenge  if you’re aiming to create a website that can handle complex tasks. It provides you with flexible and robust content creation (allowing users to create and manage content like videos, polls, user management, etc.). Drupal also has a vast collection of building tools and templates that doesn’t require you to create a website from scratch, whether the end design and functionality is simple or complex. If you have the time to manage a complicated system, or have someone in your organization who can do the job, Drupal is the platform for you.


Joomla! offers the best of both worlds between the developer-oriented capabilities of Drupal and the user-friendly options of WordPress. With just a little effort into learning and understanding this platform’s structure, you can already build a relatively complex website.

It is also designed to execute functions of a community platform with its extensive social networking and e-commerce features. It allows you to create a website with more flexibility in content than WordPress, but it still has a fairly simple usage.

Why choose this platform: If you have a business and you would like to set up an online store for it, or an online portfolio, Joomla! is the best platform to use. It has different functionalities offered by applications independent from this platform, and they can handle specific tasks that WordPress can’t.

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