iPhone, iPad & Android App Development

iPhone, iPad and Android apps are great tools for businesses to use to generate new and repeating business from your customer base. iGenMedia is a leading mobile app developer for iOS (iPhone and iPad), Android and other mobile platforms. Custom apps are revolutionizing how your customers are interacting with your business and iGenMedia can help your business stay in front of customers, increase customer loyalty, and make it even easier to conduct business with your custom mobile app.

Strengthening Loyalty with iPhone, iPad or Android Apps

Your custom mobile app can easily and effectively strengthen customer loyalty. Whether sending out specials, asking for customer comments and feedback, or having an additional mobile address listing, your custom app can help share your customer’s positive experiences on social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter. By increasing the amount of customers using your custom mobile app, you’re business is developing a stronger sense of customer loyalty by building an online community that increases your customers interest in the success of your business.

Conduct Business on Your iPhone, iPad, or Android App

If your customer wants to purchase your service or product right now, and they weren’t in front of their computer, it would be very challenging for them to make this transaction. Instead of having your customer visit your store location or call your company, your mobile custom app will provide customers an additional option to make a purchase on the go.

Stay in Front of Customers With Your App

Your custom mobile app, once downloaded, stays with your customers all the time. Whether highlighting a special or promotion, or having your mobile app icon in front of your customers whenever they are scrolling through the apps on their phone or mobile notebook, they will see your custom app and be reminded of your business and its services and products. “Push notifications” will highlight specials and promotions even when customers aren’t using your app.

iGenMedia can help your business develop revenue generating mobile apps that will not only increase customer satisfaction, as well as increase your business’ revenue.

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